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History of William Barstow

William Barstow was the first recorded settler within the bounds of Hanover, Massachusetts. The Barstow’s were extensive landowners and renowned shipbuilders. William Barstow and his extended family were responsible for building several homes as well as establishing several ship yards, the second oldest being “Old Barstow Yard”. Many of the Barstow homes are still standing today.

William Barstow built the first bridge, “Barstow Bridge” over the North River on Washington Street in 1656, located about one-half mile south of his home, behind the present day Oakland Avenue. “Old Barstow Yard”, one of the earliest on the river, was located on the site of the present Washington Street bridge.

On the Indian Head River, in 1720, Great Grand Nephew Joseph Barstow and Benjamin Stetson erected a forge known as “Barstow Forge”.The forge was the last to manufacture anchors in Hanover with the supervision of a Barstow. The name Barstow is a tribute to the Town of Hanover’s rich history in industry and trade that centered around the North River.