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Northbridge to Receive $60,100 for Linwood Mill Housing Project

Governor Deval Patrick announced Wednesday, Feb. 16 that $71.37 million instate resources will be used to fund multiple housing programs throughout Massachusetts. Among the 21 communities that will receive funding will be Northbridge, which will be awarded $60,100. In Northbridge, the affordable housing opportunities will be expanded, as EA Fish Development will use the funding towards converting the Linwood Mill into a senior housing building. A total of 75 affordable elderly units are expected to be built and rented,and eight units will set aside specifically for extremely low-income tenants. “By investing this targeted blend of funds to spur housing development, we are actively strengthening our communities across Massachusetts,” said Governor Patrick during the press conference. “Creating affordable housing helps to generate jobs, grow local businesses, and build a better, stronger Commonwealth.” In addition to improving the quality of life for low-income residents in Northbride, the construction project is expected to create a total of 98 jobs in Northbridge.

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